Maho 400E 1986 Vertical Z axis stops at software limit switch at 124mm.

  • Hello,

    At first sorry to write in english but my German is not good enough, I'm learning though, to get the most of Florian videos.

    I have Maho 400E from 1986 year with Philips 432 of course.

    It has swapped axes so Z is now vertical. Everything is fine, but after the machine finds reference points (Table at low position), the table

    goes up to Z 124.something position and stops with Z05 (software limit switch) error.

    Vertical travel in 400E is 375 mm long and Y is 250 mm long, I guess maybe it still uses old travel distance (250mm) for newly remapped Z,

    because 375 minus 250 is 125, so very close to the value it stops at.

    I'm almost sure the travels of Y and Z have not been swapped because The table can move up by only 250mm which is the value of spindle stock max travel and

    the spindle stock can move out so much it stops on hardware limit switch, and the only way back is via hex key.

    I don't have a documentation explaining the meaning of each constant in the system, only the line numbers and values, so I'm a bit stuck.

    Do you have any idea where to begin? I'd have great use for these 124 mm of additional Z room.

    I can find the travel values in constant values but as I'm not an expert it would be better not too experiment with the constants.

    My software version is 6406/405

  • what Software Version do you have?

    and what type of control? 432/10 or 432/9 ?

    seems to be just a machine parameter change that needs to be done...

    232 432/9

    pasted-from-clipboard.png pasted-from-clipboard.png

    432/10 532

    pasted-from-clipboard.png  pasted-from-clipboard.png



    make a picture of your command station


    Danke Leute! bleibt Gesund,

    und ich wünsche euch wie immer, eine knitterfreie Fahrt mit eurer Maho!

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